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Hosted Telephony

Hosted or Cloud Telephony is a growing trend in our market place today. Its seen as easy to deploy, fixed monthly costs and easily scalable. iPECS Cloud from GoldStar delivers on each of these 3 key aspects:

Easy to Deploy

iPECS Cloud handsets can be enabled in minutes and have a new business or system move to cloud handled in a very short period of time. The handsets supplied as part of iPECS Cloud are the same handsets that are used on our “on premise” systems, so you’re sure of the very best in Telephony functions and ease of use. What sets iPECS Cloud apart from its competitors, beside the rich feature set is that you can easily switch between Cloud to On Premise or On Premise to Cloud, without having to reinvest in your fixed phones, which our customers are delighted with.

Fixed Monthly Costs

As opposed to an “on premise” system where the majority of the cost of a system is upfront, with iPECS Cloud, you pay a fixed fee per month per user, which includes a basic handset. So as long as your using your Phone, you pay the same fixed fee, no maintenance costs or hidden extras, just the same fixed fee each month.

Easily Scalable

We have seen through the growth in our iPECS Cloud users, that many companies start of with a small number of users and have added many more over the years. iPECS Cloud allows customers to grow easily without large costs of extra hardware every time a new colleague is added.  Likewise, should a business be seasonal, iPECS Cloud allows businesses to ramp up during busy seasons and reduce their number of connected devices in the off-season.

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