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A business can only be as good as its phone and communication system, and here at GoldStar, we are committed to providing you with the very best of internet telephony for your company. IP telephony is the now the norm rather than the exception, with a flexible and adaptable setup that can grow with your business and be tailored to your unique needs.

A VoIP phone system can revolutionize how your business communicates with customers and streamline your internal call procedures. Switching to an IP phone system will help you become a global force, connecting multiple locations and enabling easy home or remote working options. Our team have the experience to build a business phone system that works for you, and we will be happy to talk you through the options.

iPECS 1050i phone handset
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The GoldStar difference

Are you a business owner or director? Or a manager of a large IT or finance department? Choosing a unified communications system that streamlines your business and saves you money and time could be your best decision this year. The options may seem overwhelming, and it can be tricky to work out the best choices for your business, but here at GoldStar, we believe in a partnership approach that will enable us to assess the specific needs of your business and design the best solution for you.

We can work with you to establish the options available to you, and we can provide staff training and support wherever needed. We will set up and manage your switch to a VoIP phone system, and you will see the benefits immediately. With an IP phone system, there is no need to wait for line installation, you simply need a broadband connection, and you’re ready to go.

Cost saving systems with GoldStar

Here at GoldStar Telecom, we are Ireland’s premier independent supplier of Ericsson LG PBX and Cloud Solutions, and we have more than 30 years of experience in delivering reliable and flexible IP business phone solutions. We are committed to creating the efficient solutions our clients need for businesses of all sizes, and it’s great to know that cloud phone systems can also save money in installation and setup costs and on your monthly bills.

The Ericsson-LG Difference At GoldStar Telecom, we use Ericsson-LG technology, so that we can provide you with top quality solutions, and we are proud to have won best partner of the year for hospitality sector 2018 at the Ericsson-LG awards. We pride ourselves on a partnership that enables us to offer the best and most reliable service to our clients, and we believe that this puts us in a great position to depend upon the technology we use. The Ericsson-LG iPECS Cloud System is designed to create solutions that make your life easier, streamlining business operations and giving you the speed and efficiency you need when communi-cating with your customers. It features multiple benefits, including fixed monthly costs, and enables flexible and collaborative working, as well as the following useful features that can be configured to make your system exceptionally effective for you: • Caller ID • Handsfree • Speed dialling • Conference calls • Do not disturb function • Call forwarding • Voicemail, including voicemail to email capability • Click to call • Direct Dial inwards • Transferring calls to mobiles or enabling simultaneous ringing • SIP Extension Support • Standard VOIP lines • VOIP capable • Pure IP system • Rack mountable • Optional call centre software • Auto attendant facilities Business and technology have become almost unrecognisable in the last few years , and customers can now expect to be able to contact you at any time, and to have their needs met with immediate haste. Your system will work with all of the main networks in use in Ireland, including Eir, Three, Vo-dafone, Imagine, Virgin Media and Magnet, so you can communicate with your customers reliably, no matter where they - or you - are.
About Goldstar Telecom

Features of cloud phone systems

  • Simple to set up and managed remotely
  • Frequent travellers can access specific features
  • Suitable for any size business
  • Unlimited number of devices

Benefits of cloud phone systems

  • No need for on-site hardware maintenance
  • Fully scalable solution for your business
  • Work from anywhere with full mobility and flexibility
  • Cut costs by not having to pay for line rental fees
  • Scale your phone system up or down as required

Our enterprise telephone systems are designed to cater for businesses comprised of more than 100 people and can be tailored to meet the specific business communication needs of your organisation. Our IP phone systems offer superior access to features such as conference calling, voicemail to email and multi-site support with no need for a VPN so you can maximise efficiency throughout your organisation.

How do I switch to an enterprise phone system?

An Enterprise phone system offers you the most cost-effective way to use cloud-based phone systems, with excellent rates for larger companies, whether you need to connect 100 or 1000 colleagues every day. These phone system features cater for unlimited devices, so you can ensure that your system provides the reliability and durability that your employees need.

It is important to find out what your business is currently spending on office phone systems, so that you can make a fair and realistic comparison with the options presented to you. When you are aware of your calling needs and the type of system you are looking for, it will be easy to make direct comparisons to find the best solution for your requirements.

At GoldStar Telecom, we know that a VoIP phone system is the best choice for businesses, but choosing how to deploy that in your organization may require a staggered approach, running traditional lines in parallel with your new IP Lines. We work closely with all our customers from a wide range of sectors to ensure every system is integrated into your business at a speed you’re comfortable with.

Phone systems for enterprise businesses in Cork

Our experienced team will be happy to provide you with more information about IP phone lines and how they could benefit your business. Simply call us on 021 4300737 or email us at, and we will talk you through the process. Switching to the latest technology in telephone systems is an important way to revolutionise your business, and we can create a system that is tailored to your needs.

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