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In the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction matters. A flexible and adaptable communications system will improve your guest experience and provide an important asset to your business. An easy to operate system that allows your team to maintain customer satisfaction will be beneficial for your guests, your staff and your business, and we can help you to find the tailored solution that works best for you. 

Phone systems for hotels from GoldStar Telecom

Our hotel phone systems can be tailored to suit your business, with many different features that can be adapted to suit individual requirements. We can maximise efficiency throughout your organisation with a system that is fully flexible and adaptable, and the great news is that moving to an internet-based system will save you money in comparison with traditional phone lines that incur line rental charges.

Here’s what makes our hotel phone systems different:

  • Services for guests. We provide telephone solutions that are internet based, and we have the flexibility to create unique systems to suit each premise. ISDN lines within guest bedrooms can enable direct access to external calls, for example, so that your staff team do not have to be involved in this process, saving them valuable time. Your system can also be scaled up and down to suit the number of bedrooms you have, even if this fluctuates throughout the year, and these changes require only a new handset and an update to any license you hold.
  • Baby listening services. Many guests value the opportunity to use baby listening or room monitoring services to give themselves a break once their children are asleep or if visiting another room in the hotel. Your system can enable guests to call their room from another phone and listen in for peace of mind without creating a disturbance.
  • Checking in and out. Streamlining services and making life easier for your staff is usually a very popular move, and the check-in/check-out facility is a useful addition to your communications system. You can activate and deactivate the room extension simply by pressing one key on your central phone, which is usually at the front desk, and entering the room number. You can have your system set up to print an itemised bill on checkout and to display the status of the room on your front desk phone, and your guests and your staff team will benefit from this simple and straightforward system.
  • Maid status. Your communications system can also help to reduce workload and simplify daily routines in your hotel or guest house, with facilities such as Maid Status. This enables the housekeeping staff to inform the front desk when each room has been cleaned and is available for new occupants, simply by using the extension in each guest room.
  • Message waiting service. If a guest receives a message, your staff can inform them as quickly and efficiently as possible by leaving a signal on the guest room telephone to indicate a ‘message waiting’. This can enable guests to quickly access their messages, either via their voicemail function or from the front desk.
  • Option to pre-pay. With your new hotel phone system, it is possible for guests to pay in advance of their stay, taking a deposit that covers all potential charges and is automatically removed from the bill on checkout. Calls will be automatically restricted if call charges from a particular room exceed the deposit paid, so this is an individual system that works well for guests and for your peace of mind.
  • Room to room calls. Room-to-room calls can be managed to work for all guests, since these can be enabled between members of the same party but will not be allowed to rooms that are not within the call group. This minimises disruption and frustration for guests who are not part of a large group, and facilitates easy communication between larger groups who are staying in your hotel together.
  • Flexible phone calls. You will be able to adapt your system to suit the needs of your guests, with functions such as house phone flexibility. This allows you to enable single calls from phones that do not normally enable external calls, with charges billed directly to the guests’ room automatically.
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How do I switch my phone system?

 The good news is that switching to an internet-based telephone system is very easy, and does not require a significant outlay for engineering and hardware. You will be using your existing internet connection, so you will not need a new connection or line, and we will carry out an audit of your premises and your existing system to ensure that we create the very best solution for you.

GoldStar Telecom: Tailored communications for your business

 We can help you to create a hotel phone system that is perfectly suited to your business and your guests, and will save you money as well. Call us on + 353 21 430073 to find out how we can work together to implement your new phone system, or enquire online today by filling out the contact form below.

Frequently asked questions about hotel phone systems

Integration with PMS systems is essential to the smooth operation of a modern hotel. Leading PMS vendors such as Hotsoft, Micro Fidelio, Paragon PMS and many more can easily be integrated with Ericsson-LG systems.

Yes, absolutely. VOIP systems incur lower upfront costs, and so offer ongoing savings. Softphones specifically for use with VOIP capabilities can be purchased, but it is also possible to install the system using existing hardware. Voice and data can both be run over the same network, as the whole communications system will run through your broadband connection. The continuing savings and the added convenience of the VOIP system will give you smooth and efficient communications for the future, whether you choose to expand or simply adapt your phone service.

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