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The majority of our system sales today have 1 or more of the following applications as part of the overall solution. Application attachment is really the key differentiator in getting the most from your on-premise or cloud system. With Ericsson LG and third-party software developers, we provide complementary solutions that enable business to get the most from their new telecoms solution.

More and more businesses see the value in retaining and monitoring their business calls, the reasons for doing so are wide and varied, some do so they can both protect and support their own staff in the event of abusive or offensive calls, more customers who are focused on upskilling their sales teams, having call recordings at hand can enable team leaders to work with specific members to improve their overall offering.

Now with GDPR an active part of any decision-making in terms of call recording, our IP call recording solution comes with the key features to ensure your company is GDPR-ready. From setting retention periods on your call recordings to database encryption and a secure web interface, IPCR will deliver the very best in call recording.

Without information, it’s very hard for any business to make the correct decision in terms of manpower or resource allocation to specific departments. This is why many business leaders add call analytics to their requirements when looking for a new phone system solution.

How many calls did the campaign on the newspaper/online/magazine attract?
How many calls do we get after hours?
Do we have quiet times?
When was the last time anyone was in contact with Customer A?
How long are people waiting before being answered?

With our call analytics solution iCALL, we can answer all these questions and more from an easy-to-use, self-learning application that displays live call information as well as 10’s of custom-made reports that will give you the figures needed to make any decision.

A reliable easy to use desktop application is essential for call handling, completion code entry and queue notifications. Our contact centre solution – CCS Q, is proven in the Irish market, having helped Merlyn Showering pick up small contact centre of the year for 2 successive years from the CCMA awards. Many businesses would not class themselves as call centres, but have in fact, a large part of their organisation, teams who spend the majority of their days on calls to customers and suppliers. With CCS Q from Ericsson LG, inbound Q’s and outbound campaigns can be handled, social interaction with customers, whether it be Facebook, Twitter or email is also part of the overall solution.

You may also be looking for an IVR system that can perform a database lookup and supply information based on this database interaction. This automation can remove a large number of calls from your busy teams and allow them to focus on more important calls.

The CCS solution is scalable and can work across multiple locations as well as platforms.

So, whether it be social, email or phone, CCS Q from Ericsson LG is a great solution for your company.

With iPECS UCS, database integration enables users to have screen pops for incoming calls, allow easy search facility for stored numbers and as a result reduces considerably the time it takes one of your team to make a phone call.

For heavy phone users, this is critical and can save 15-20 secs per call, which can lead to huge increase in daily productivity and proficiency.

Talk to us today about any of our powerful applications that can make a big difference to the way your business communicates.


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