Technology to support staff on the move

Setting up for working from home has never been more popular, and we can help you to create the cost effective set-up you need with ease. There’s no need for costly VPN set-ups, and we have a range of fixed, corded and softphone options available. If you need to work from home with the same functionality as if you were in the office, GoldStar Telecom has the answer. 

Technology to simplify home working

GoldStar Telecom systems are designed to streamline remote working and give you the technological set-up to create an effective and reliable office anywhere. We recommend VoIP phone systems, which do not require hardwiring or incur line rental charges, and we offer easy set up and training to ensure that your team can work effectively together from separate locations.

GoldStar Telecom systems incorporate the following features to simplify remote home working and enable efficient options such as:

  • Tracking call stats
  • Call recording on demand
  • Voicemail sent to email
  • Free internal calls, even between branches
  • Visual display of user availability
  • Conferencing
  • Simultaneous call routing
  • Portable contact numbers for employees
remote working staff
Remote working using their own IT platform

Practical and professional

 Installing a remote home working system is a quick and efficient process, and this means you can give your customers the uninterrupted professional service they expect from you. Your iPECS Cloud handsets can be enabled in minutes, and you can easily switch between cloud-based working and on-premise. There’s no compromise on collaborative working, and tools that make conferencing and joint projects easier are built into our systems. 

Your new system will likely save you money on your monthly bills, replacing fixed-line telephone systems to give you a fixed low rate that won’t leave you with unexpected call charges or extra costs. It’s flexible and can be set up anywhere with a broadband connection, so you can prepare for working from the other side of the world as easily as working from your home office. 

Your remote home working system will give you more control over your communications system, creating a streamlined way to work that will set your business up for future success. Your system can be designed to suit your unique requirements and will enable you to lead the way as remote home working becomes the standard way to work.

Remote home working systems from GoldStar Telecom

 To survive in the world of business, staying ahead of the competition is vital – and the challenges the world has faced in recent months have made this even more obvious. You will need to provide an easier and more accessible service to your customers than ever before, and a remote home working set-up you can rely on is invaluable. 

It’s easier than ever to work remotely, scaling up your business as needed, and a system tailored to suit you is the best way to optimise efficiency in your working life. We offer a personalised approach that works for every team member, enabling you to give your clients the service they need from you. Call us to find out how we can work together to implement your VoIP phone system or enquire online today.

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