Unified Communcation

First of all what does this mean…?
UC as it is known in the industry is a method for seamless access to your communications needs across multiple different platforms. So, whether your Sales Team need to be able to record their calls while on the road, using one of our easy to use apps, or your inhouse accounts team want all their calls to be recorded and emailed to them, iPECS Unified Communications delivers these requirements regardless of company size. UC can drive efficiencies in your business by ensuring team members are more connected, call stats are tracked, calls can be recorded on demand or always, no matter what the call type, and voicemails can be shared across departments through email.

Likewise, with iPECS UCS supports heavy phone users in reducing the time spent looking for phone numbers, while greatly speeding up the time it takes to dial a number from an address book or website. Mobile apps allow users to easily stay in touch with other team members and can visually see whether users are available at any stage.

So, whether its desktop, mobile of fixed Handset, iPECS Unified Communications will deliver for your business.

For millions of business and billions of people, we’re the connection. Join us to create a new world of communications.

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