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Integrate your phone system with Microsoft Teams

Recent advancements have brought about a new age of collaboration. With Microsoft Teams at the forefront of change, becoming the go-to business collaboration tool. The missing link has been connecting Teams to your office phone system. We’re delighted to announce that we are now able to provide our customers with Microsoft Teams integration into your office phone system or cloud service. With our Teams integration, your team members can now make and receive calls from their MS Teams client, allowing all work processes to be handled from one application.

The benefits of Microsoft Teams integration

There are multiple benefits to Microsoft Teams Integration.

  • The system enables you to retain all existing phone numbers
  • All conversations and contact points can be combined, whether they are written or spoken, meaning all your presentations and documents are in one place.
  • Your business phone system can be bridged with the collaborative features of Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft Teams works across all operating systems, whether PC, Mac or Mobile.
  • Use any device, anywhere, to make and receive business calls.
  • Microsoft Teams is quick and easy to implement, with zero downtime.
  • Additional hardware or software is not required.
  • End-to-end encryption and enterprise-grade security ensure peace of mind for users at all times.
  • Video conferencing and screen sharing features enable smooth remote working and remote collaboration.
  • Microsoft Teams Integration enables smaller enterprises to make the most of Microsoft Teams.
  • Businesses can retain company IVR or full receptionist function.
  • The Teams App also works as a softphone, with no licenses or additional charges.
  • Voice conversations can be embedded into the Teams collaborative space using the call recording option.

Microsoft Teams Integration creates a fully unified communications system. The truly collaborative workspace combines written and vocal communications to provide a business solution like no other.

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