GoldStar Telecom are a Medium Office Phone Systems Provider servicing Cork and Ireland

If you run a medium sized business, you’ll know that there are considerations and pressures that are different to those experienced by very small or very large companies. While you need a more extensive setup than a small business or home office, you will not want to expend the resources needed to sustain a large business. As a medium sized business, you need a phone system that suits your business.

Here at GoldStar, we recognise that every one of our clients is unique, and the businesses that we support all have different requirements. We design and create phone systems that are perfectly designed for medium sized businesses, providing you with an reliable approach that suits your company and is fully scalable and flexible for maximum benefit.

GoldStar Offers A Flexible Approach

GoldStar Telecom is Ireland’s premier independent supplier of Ericsson LG PBX and Cloud Solutions, and we have more than 30 years experience of delivering reliable and flexible IP and hybrid IP Telecoms Solutions. We use the latest technology to build office phone systems for businesses of all sizes, and we understand what works and, perhaps more importantly, what does not.

We work with Ericsson LG because we know the value of reliability and integrity, and we appreciate being able to offer our clients a wide range of features and options to suit businesses of all types. Finding the best system for your setup will enable you to communicate effectively and reliably with your customers as well as within your teams, and we are proud to save our customers money on their telephone bills when we streamline their systems.

Features That Will Change The Way Your Business Communicates

Whether it be an on premise system or Cloud PBX, the feature set delivered will be the same. Both deliver a set of key features that can change the way you do business.

  • Both our on premise and cloud based systems run on software which can be updated, and expanded as necessary, all our on premise systems now come with 2 years software assurance built in, offering peace of mind from day 1.
  • By deploying an IP solution from GoldStar you will greatly reduce your ongoing call charges and line rentals.
  • Simple office features that can enhance your every day business include paging, speed dialling, camp on and call back, handsfree, caller ID, conference calls and do not disturb features.
  • An IP phone system gives you the flexibility to work from home or remotely, as calls can be made from any location around the world. There is no need for a hardwired line, or fixed line rental, and all you will need to access the system is a reliable broadband connection. This makes IP systems very popular with medium sized businesses who do not always conform to an office setup or have regular working hours and locations.
  • More and more companies need to maximise the systems they already have, with your office deskphone or softphone integrating with your CRM System, answering calls by name and quick dialling add both to the Customer experience and the productiveness of your teams.

At GoldStar Telecom, we know that your business requires a phone system that guarantees consistency and professional service, and we can help you to make this happen with a communication system that works for you.

VOIP Phone Systems in Cork

Discover how our IP phone lines could work for your business when you talk to our experienced team at GoldStar. We believe that you will notice the difference immediately when you switch to a VOIP phone system that is suited to your needs.

It’s a great time to start making the most of the latest technology in telephone systems, and we can design a system that meets the unique requirements of your business and sets you up for the future.

Call us on +353 21 4300737 for more information, or enquire online and find out what our telecoms expertise could do for your business.

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