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Introducing the Ericsson-LG iPECS ONE

More mobility, slicker collaboration. iPECS ONE is the unified communications app from Ericsson-LG Enterprise that transforms the way you communicate.

Only €8 per user per month.

All communication channels, one platform – all in the cloud 

iPECS ONE offers unified communications on a user-friendly mobile app. That means voice, video, conferencing and instant messaging in one place, on any device, anywhere.

Forget about maintaining and storing expensive hardware onsite. iPECS ONE is hosted in the cloud. That means you can access it on any device, whether it’s mobile, tablet or desktop. All you need is an internet connection.

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The benefits of using iPECS ONE

Business mobility

Working on the go? iPECS ONE keeps you connected to your team and customers, with quick and easy access to your phone system, instant messaging groups and conferencing. With iPECS ONE, if you’re out of the office, you’re still in touch.


Collaborate in real time, wherever you are, with all channels of communication open. Communication is what makes collaboration possible, and iPECS ONE allows you to create seamless workflows across all locations.

Cost savings

Forget about maintaining expensive hardware. Forget about line rental. All calls are routed online, reducing costs. And we’re offering all these features for just €8 per user per month. Add in the boost to productivity, and iPECS ONE can offer real savings.


Your security matters. That’s why all your communication on iPECS ONE is secure and encrypted, whether it’s voice, video, conferencing or instant messaging. This allows you to communicate with confidence that your data is safe.

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Why choose GoldStar?

Here at GoldStar, we’re proud to be Ireland’s exclusive distributor of Ericsson-LG communication solutions. With decades of experience in telecoms, we have helped countless businesses reduce costs and boost efficiency.

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