Are you looking for the right tech to be able to work on the move?

Few companies now exist from an office-only type setup.  Having staff on the road, travelling, meeting customers and suppliers has become the norm.

With the iPECS ONE mobile app, your team members can be available at their extension once they have a wifi or 4G connection. The mobile users can also see at a glance whether the team member they wish to talk to is available or not, as the app allows you to set and display presence information. This app utilises the iPECS Cloud service, connecting straight to your phone system to access the contacts and client information you need to be able to work seamlessly on the move, as you would be able to in the office.

For companies who wish to have their staff mobile calls recorded, iPECS software enables this by accessing the GSM phone book for dialling, all controlled by the phone system in the office.

Man checking his mobile, whilst on the move

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