GoldStar Conferencing Solutions

Conferencing is a business essential and finding a system that makes it possible to run conference calls and meetings seamlessly is simple when you rely on GoldStar Telecom. Our conferencing systems are designed to enable remote working and working from home with no compromise on quality and provision, so you can consistently provide the excellence your workforce and customers expect.

Audio Conferencing you can rely on

A secure conferencing system that is easy to use is a great asset to your business, and our audio conferencing system is second to none. You’ll benefit from features including:

  • Web based management
  • 8, 25 and 100 party audio conference bridge available
  • Full audio control over all participants
  • Conference reservation calendar
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Authentication code for security

You can self administer a conference room facility for your business, and you’ll be in full control of all microphones and speakers, making it a simple process to manage even large conferences with ease. Simply invite all participants with a detailed agenda and proceed to lead in the way you choose.

Why use audio conferencing?

 Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses were making the move to audio conferencing in order to make dramatic savings on time and travel costs. Since March 2020, many businesses in Ireland and worldwide have been forced to work from home and this has meant an exponential rise in the amount of business calls and conferences being made. Many businesses have been forever changed by this experience, and have discovered the benefits of audio conferencing for themselves.

Although the move towards virtual meetings and conferences may have been sudden and forced for some, it has had widespread implications for the future of home and remote working practices, and will be a feature of most organisations for many years to come. You can stay ahead of your competitors by engaging with our iPECS audio conferencing facilities to streamline your business practice and prepare yourself for the way business will work in the future.

Work with GoldStar Telecom

Here at GoldStar, we know what makes audio conferencing work and we can tailor our systems to suit your needs. Not only will you save on travel costs and room hire, you’ll demonstrate to your team that efficient working is possible from remote locations and that you can do your bit for the planet without compromising your standards.

With our audio conferencing systems, you’ll only connect with those you have specifically invited to your meeting, and you can be sure that security is a top priority. Your data will not be shared with a third-party host, and your authentication code will keep your space secure. You’ll own your conference bridge, giving you the control you need, and you can rest assured that your communications are secure.

Tailored Systems To Suit Your Business

 Your business communications system is essential to the way you interact with professionals and clients, and GoldStar can help you to set up for success in the future. Our VOIP phone systems are tailored to suit your unique business, and we can design fully scalable options for businesses of all sizes. You can rely on the very best of accessible new technology, and your new system will make it easier for your staff team to work remotely, travel and upscale as needed. 

We provide solutions that work, optimising efficiency and ensuring that you are available to your customers whenever they need you. Call us on +353 21 4300737 to find out how we can work together to implement your VOIP phone system, or enquire online today.

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