Microsoft Teams has taken the business world by storm. The pandemic saw the app surge in popularity as businesses sought ways to stay in touch remotely. It’s now the biggest unified communication service in the world.

The Teams app struck a chord with flexible and remote workers for many reasons. For one, it boasts an interface that is both familiar to many who use Microsoft products and it is easy to use. Combined with your Outlook calendar, you can see what your peers are up to daily and efficiently plan your meetings and calls.

But did you know you can get even more out of Teams? At GoldStar, we can integrate it with your phone system. This opens up a world of new features to make communication even more productive. And today we’re explaining how.

What is Microsoft Teams?

First, the basics. Teams is an app that was originally focused on work-based instant messaging. The significant feature of the app has always been being able to create groups of chat members – ideal for different ‘teams’ in a workplace.

Previously it might have been ideal for management and workers to communicate when away from their desks. However, the app has seen a lot of development. You can now make voice and video calls, plan tasks and shifts, share and edit Microsoft files, and more.

Crucially, these functions are a simple click away, making Teams easy to use. Overall, it makes communication, collaboration and workflow seamless – which only benefits your team, your customers and your business.

Why integrate Teams with your phone system?

Teams is a great tool for internal communication. Everyone in your team has a profile, and you can connect with them through video, voice or instant messaging.

This is great, but it doesn’t help you with calls to and from people outside your organisation. That’s the job of your phone system – but we can make Teams and your phone system one and the same!

What does this mean in practice? Well, you get all that functionality we spoke about before, plus that of a phone system. This means you can make, take and transfer external calls on your laptops, PCs, tablets or mobiles, using the Teams interface.

Integrating Teams with your phone system offers true unified communications. Every channel of business communication, internal and external, is all contained within a single, easy-to-use platform. This saves time, which ultimately makes you more productive, getting more work done and reaching more customers!

How does phone system-Teams integration work?

We would integrate it with a phone system from Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s industry-leading iPECS Cloud solution. These outstanding systems offer great functionality out of the box. Integrated with Teams, they offer even more!

You can still use any desk phones you may have as normal. But then on your devices, Teams will act as a softphone – in other words, a desktop and smartphone app that functions as a phone.

This makes communication just about as seamless as possible. It also gives remote and mobile workers all the functionality of an office phone system from anywhere, making your business that much more flexible.

The app also saves your contacts. From this platform, you could access those contacts using your voice and web-calling devices. In other words, Teams acts as an address book that you can use as a platform to make calls with colleagues and customers. It’s all about making communication easier and more efficient.

Is it complicated?

Nope! At GoldStar, we handle all of the migration and integration for you. We’ve got the experience and skills to manage it quickly and with a minimum of fuss or disruption.

That’s installation, but what about the user experience? Well, another benefit of Teams is that it doesn’t require any specialist training, unlike some calling software. So, making the switch is easy. We’ll make installation a breeze, while training your team up should be nice and quick too.

What additional features can I have?

Another great benefit of this integration is that you can bring in additional phone system add-ons, including call analytics and recording.

These services really complement each other. Through our analytics suite, you get easy-to-read stats on all the most important call-related KPIs, both as regular reports and real-time wallboards. Through these insights, you can manage and allocate resources better than ever, and based on evidence.

Where analytics helps with quantity, call recording is all about quality. You can use recorded calls for training purposes and quality assurance, while they’re also essential for complaint resolution. Our call recording solution is accessed through a web browser. From there, you can search calls by a number of fields, and also sample at random.

These tools together can work wonders for your service, allowing you to make real progress on both the quantity and quality of the calls you make. And they sit perfectly alongside your Teams-integrated phone system!

Why choose Goldstar?

Goldstar is Ireland’s premier independent supplier of Ericsson-LG PBX and cloud solutions. With over 30 years of delivering communication solutions to customers, we aim to get you the best deal to suit your business and make calls easy for your workforce.

We work with businesses ranging from small start-ups to multinational enterprises. Our experienced team can guide you along every step of the process, from devising your solution to delivering and managing it.

To discuss this with one of our team members, give us a call on +021 430 0737.