In the fast paced modern world, keeping up with technology is key to the smooth operation of any business. With a year of Covid restrictions forcing innovation in all our working methods, the ability to work remotely is more important than ever.  Companies that have not invested in their telecoms systems have struggled to face the demands of this new working environment. But here at GoldStar Telecom, we can help your business grow a unified communications system ready to meet whatever challenges you are facing.

Out of Date Telecoms Hold You Back

Old telephone systems are no longer fit for purpose. They cannot provide the flexibility you need, as they will be using copper lines and analogue technology. With no ability to provide home working solutions, they cannot transfer calls from mobile devices directly to other users, and so are completely unsuitable for the modern working world. Costs can quickly spiral when staff are forced to use mobile phones to communicate, as there is no proper infrastructure in place.

By contrast, GoldStar can help you overhaul your communications set up, and provide an ultra productive and cost effective telecoms solution. This can cover:

  • Mobile: Access the power of IPECS UC wherever you are with the intuitive iPECS Mobile Client. Answer business calls on your mobile device with our Mobile APP.
  • Video: bring interactions alive with video calls from your handset, PC client or smartphone application.
  • Presence & Messaging: Easily connect with colleagues over the phone, video, instant messaging, or web collaboration.
  • Application Integration: Integrate Microsoft Outlook into your IPECS with simple integrations of schedule, contacts and click to call

GoldStar Telecom Gives You The Solutions

Here at GoldStar, we are experts in updating telecoms systems to provide efficient and cost effective solutions that will enable your business to thrive. We can:

  • Offer multi branch deployment
  • Provide an office phone extension that integrates your smartphone, meaning you can take it with you wherever you go. Customers can easily reach you anytime using a consistent number, and colleagues can see when you are available.
  • Create a system that allows free calls between users or remote stations
  • Give flexibility in transferring calls amongst all users irrespective of location or device
  • Enable mobile pairing to deskphones, which allows for complete mobility
  • Offer call recording; this can also help a company see where calls have been missed and where business is being lost.
  • Improve efficiency; without us the simplest tasks can take far too long.
  • Make it quicker and easier for staff to communicate and collaborate internally even whilst working from home or remotely

With a GoldStar telecoms solution, every member of your team gets the communication tools they need to do a great job. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for your business. Call us on 021 4300737 or email to talk to a member of our expert team.