Goldstar and IP Telecom

Success in business is often about building great partnerships with other forward thinking companies, and here at Goldstar, our partnership with Dublin-based IP Telecom is a great asset to our practice.

In July 2017, we signed a three year deal worth €500,000, which has seen IP Telecom providing our business with wholesale voice traffic, number porting and provisioning. This has enabled us to scale up our services, delivering top quality IP telecom solutions to our customers more effectively, and we are building on our successes every day. You can read more about our partnership here.

Goldstar and IP Telecom Provide Excellence For Customers

Goldstar Telecom is Ireland’s premier independent supplier of Ericsson LG PBX and Cloud Solutions, with over 30 years experience of delivering reliable and flexible IP and hybrid IP Telecoms Solutions. Using the latest technology to provide the solutions our clients want has enabled us to rise to the challenges of the modern business world, and we are confident that cloud based systems are the future for businesses of all sizes in Ireland.

Working in partnership is a great way to extend business networks and benefit from the expertise of others in the same field. This deal has given us the opportunity to work with the designers of the solutions we use, learning more about the way they plan and implement the systems we deliver. This is a level of expertise that could only come from a company such as IP Telecom, a leader in phone systems based in the cloud.

Why Use A Cloud-Based Phone System?

A cloud based phone system is the ideal solution for businesses at every level, and there are many different options to consider. Cloud based systems rely on software which can be updated and replaced as necessary, eliminating the need for line rental and the maintenance and upkeep that individual lines require. There are more than 20,000 network end points in Ireland, incorporating many thousands of businesses, and the cloud based telephone system that has been developed by IP Telecom provides a reliable solution for all.

At Goldstar Telecom, we make it possible for our clients to access the very best business phone systems, securing great value, reliable solutions that ensure good practice at all times. The cloud based system is a great solution for those businesses that value continuity, consistency and professional service, and it’s a great way to invest in the future and take your business to the next level.

VOIP Phone Systems in Cork

Find out more about our IP phone lines and discover whether VOIP phone systems could work for you and your business when you talk to us at Goldstar. We offer the very best of the latest technology in telephone systems, and we recognise that every business is unique and requires a solution that is tailored to fit.

Call us for more information, or enquire online and find out what our telecoms expertise could do for your business.