The 1000i series handsets are Ericsson-LG’s newest innovation. Combining PBX, a top of the range key system, and Cloud telephony with many years of expert experience, this range of IP phones are the essential tool for every office worker. With sleek modernity and a user friendly interface, the range covers four different models, from the entry-level 1010i to the outstanding 1050i.

This versatile range of phones can fulfil the needs of any office, whether the demand is for basic models or executive requirements. Thoughtfully designed to cover business use of all types, the proprietary protocol of the Ericsson-LG 1000i series provides fully integrated system features just like a traditional PBX solution.


As the entry-level phone in the iPECS 1000i range, the 1010i is a more basic model. With excellent yet simple functionality, it is best suited to low use areas, such as unmanned receptions, where more complex functions such as multiple pre-programmed keys are not necessary.


With a full colour backlit display, multiple programmable keys and a full range of fixed feature keys, the 1030i is the essential office worker phone. Giving a great user experience, it is perfect for team members who will spend a lot of time taking calls, keeping them productive and comfortable.


With a large colour display, multiple user-programmable keys, plus fixed features, this is a desirable phone for any professional. Perfect for those dealing with a high volume of calls, the 1040i will help you maintain your efficiency throughout the working day.


With a large, full-colour, backlit screen, plus the greatest number of user-programmable keys, the 1050i brings a sleek executive feel to this top of the range model. Easy storage of favourite numbers, an excellent range of additional features, and speed dials at your fingertips make this the ultimate phone for the busy professional.