Interest in business mobility has perhaps never been greater. Remote and hybrid work patterns are more common than ever. Even small businesses may have their teams spread out geographically, as well as people who work on the go.

But you need the right tools and practices to make it work efficiently. To help out, we’ve compiled a mobility checklist to help you ensure that your employees have everything they need.

There are so many benefits to business mobility. It makes you more flexible and adaptable to change. We’ve seen the need for this recently, with the COVID-19 pandemic. Ultimately, the most resilient businesses were the ones that could adapt quickly. A more mobile business can also recruit more widely, as you won’t be tied to your local area.

It’s also possible to work much more efficiently. But of course, you need to have the right setup to unlock these benefits. That’s what our checklist will cover!

1. Unified communications

Possibly the most useful tool for mobility is unified communications (UC). UC brings all of your communication channels onto one platform – so that’s phone calls, video and instant messaging. This means that you can easily stay connected, with everything you need in one place.

Mobile workers face the challenge of staying connected to all of the tools that they need to work independently. When your communication services are in one place, you avoid wasting valuable time and energy. Unified communications streamlines your workflow.

Collaboration becomes easy when you have these tools. If you need to share your work with people, you can do this as though you were sat next to your colleagues in the office. You can send work via messages and shareable links, and even share your screen via video conferences.

2. Make sure remote workers have the tools they need

Ensuring that workers have all of the tools they need to work efficiently away from the office is key. Our UC platform really helps here too, because it’s downloadable as a mobile or desktop app. This means your team can log in from any device, anywhere with an internet connection.

That way, they can take part in video meetings, share messages, and make and take calls from the business number. Not only does this make their lives easier, but it also presents a more professional image to clients and customers.

3. Cloud storage

How and where you store files is also huge. If everything’s stored locally on office-based PCs, this is a massive hindrance to business mobility. Not only that, but it’s also a security risk. Anything from a power outage to a virus could result in lost work, compromised security, downtime or all three!

Cloud storage is an essential step in preventing these problems. Essentially, this just means hosting your documents in the cloud – in other words, in third-party data centres. You access these via the internet, which means you can share work and collaborate from anywhere. We can migrate your files to the cloud seamlessly, with a minimum of disruption.

4. Schedule regular catch-ups

It’s important to ensure that everyone feels like they are contributing and are part of a team. Scheduling routine catch-ups, discussions and one-on-ones provides a solid foundation for workers to stay focused and in the loop. This way, everyone is on the same page and knows what they should be working on.

For these style of catch-ups, we really recommend videoconferencing. Video meetings are far more personal and engaging than voice calls. Our UC service makes this incredibly easy, as it’s all included in everyone’s communications platform. Impromptu conferences are just a click away.

Scheduling meetings is just as straightforward. We can sync your communications with your Outlook calendar, so that booking (and remembering!) meetings couldn’t be simpler.
These quick catch-ups are a great way to start the day. They instigate a productive working attitude, bring everyone together, and are less draining than longer meetings.

5. Analytics to assess your performance

Some businesses may fear losing the efficiency and productivity of their remote workers over time. There is a certain amount of trust that goes into allowing people to work unsupervised and away from their desks. Managers need a way to assess their performance and offer support where needed.

Call analytics from GoldStar will give your management team the data and metrics that they need to see just how their calls are being handled, customer tendencies, missed call rates and more. These kind of analytics can allow businesses to focus on the areas that need improvement and bolster the effectiveness of the parts that are working well.

With all of these tools and protocols in place, your business mobility is sure to thrive. It really is possible to work from anywhere. Sometimes it can take time for the dust to settle and for routines to become familiar and well-adjusted. Many businesses have stuck with their flexible working policies for the positive effects it had had on workflow and work-life balance.

Partnering with GoldStar

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