The care sector faces very specific challenges when it comes to communications. The priorities are clear. Care and nursing homes need to prioritise the wellbeing of their residents above all else. Loved ones need to be able to quickly and reliably keep in touch. Staff need a system that saves them time and money.

At Goldstar, we’re Ireland’s trusted communications provider. We’ve worked with care homes across the country and have developed bespoke systems that accommodate their unique needs. Here are just a few of the services that we recommend and how they can support your care home.

Make calls from anywhere on site

Reaction times are key in any kind of care environment. You and the loved ones of your residents need the peace of mind that when anything needs to be reported on site, it happens quickly and efficiently. This is where our range of cordless handsets can support you.

Instead of being bound to a desktop, cordless handsets connect to your Wi-Fi. We know that many care homes are based in older premises where it is impractical or impossible to run new phone lines throughout, so this flexibility is much needed. Our cordless phones have the same great feature-set as all our business phone systems, allowing staff to effectively communicate no matter where they are on site.

Limit exposure with reliable video calls

Winter (and therefore flu season) is upon us. We know that especially since the pandemic it has become more crucial than ever to limit exposure during the winter months, and effective communications makes this process much easier.

With the right communication tools, many aspects of a care home’s work can be handled remotely. Video calls are the standout service here. Consultations with doctors, and even calls with loved ones, can be hosted through your care home’s phone system. At Goldstar we’re Ireland’s trusted supplier of Ericsson-LG iPECS Cloud systems, which allow you to provide high quality video calls, from a device of your choice.

Keep your phone bill down

With the cost-of-living crisis at the forefront of the news, it’s important to know that there are new ways to keep overheads down while still maintaining a consistently great standard of care.

Switching your communications away from traditional landlines and towards internet-based call services is a great way to save money while improving audio quality. Phone systems for care homes in Ireland need to be updated to these SIP or VoIP services.

Aside from being far cheaper to host calls from, you can also initiate far more calls at once. This is especially useful in larger care homes or homes with phones in each resident’s room.

Handle calls more efficiently

For businesses, every call matters. This is especially true for the care sector, where calls could disclose everything from specific prescriptions, care requirements or resident requests. Calls made to and from care staff, need to be handled as efficiently as possible, while also ensuring the correct details are always recorded.

Our phone systems for care homes in Ireland can help. We include an extensive range of call handling features, providing better customer experience. You can record calls automatically or at the press of a button when needed. Calls are stored on a database for future reference, quality control, conflict resolution or staff training.

We can also include voicemail to email as part of your phone system. This means your admin staff can get all necessary information saved and actioned without having to listen through your entire list of voicemails.

A term you should know

In this article we’ve been talking about phone systems for care homes, but what we really mean is VoIPsystems for care homes. Using VoIP for your calls unlocks a number of benefits for any business. But for care homes it can be particularly helpful.

Using VoIP means your staff can connect their mobiles and deskphones to the same number. This means that no matter where staff are on site, or what device they use, they can reliably respond to calls.

When paired alongside a reliable internet connection, VoIP calls also provide higher quality audio, so nothing gets missed.

Why work with Goldstar?

At Goldstar we are Ireland’s sole distributor of Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s range of business phone systems. This puts us in a perfect position to support your care home’s communications. Our team will work alongside yours every step of the way to create a platform that supports your needs and your budget.

Whether you’re in a rural area and need a reliable system hosted on-site, or are looking to future-proof your technology with a switch to the cloud, just let us know! A member of the team will be available to guide you through the process and let you know the options available. You can get in touch at 021 430 0737.