In an increasingly competitive business environment, developing fantastic customer relationships is a great way to get ahead. It’s not just about having the best products or services on offer, it’s about delivering a great experience.

There are many ways to improve customer service. It’s all about evolving the practices, strategies and technologies you use to develop better relationships. A huge number of these are based around your communications. At GoldStar we feel we’re in a great position to recommend services and strategies that we’ve seen make a real difference to our customers, and in turn, their customers.


Database integration


We’re living in an increasingly data-powered world. Gathering customer insights and using them to improve your service is a crucial step for any team, but putting them into action requires some helpful technology.

You likely already use a customer relationship management (CRM) system to store and make use of customer data. The question is, can you access this data when you need it? CRM-phone system integration can make this happen. This service automatically draws information from your database when you need it most.

This includes screen popping, which displays relevant customer information when they make a call. This means whenever your team pick up the phone, they’re ready to provide a service personalised to each caller before the call even starts.

CRM integration also includes a feature called Inbound Record Population. This routinely updates customer contacts on your phone system with details from your CRM, meaning staff are better prepared when making calls.


Call routing


It’s never fun getting stuck in a back-and-forth with a company trying to reach the person you actually need to speak to. It’s a quick way to make customers unhappy, especially if they have to repeat themselves to different members of your team.

Call routing solves this particular pain point. This service, built in to your phone system, intelligently routes calls to the right team member, based on a series of automated questions asked to callers when they dial in. This means that the customer is directed to the right person quicker, and less pressure is put on staff in each of your departments. They’ll know the person on the other end actually wants to be speaking with them!


Call recording


Great customer service is continually evolving. If you can’t keep up with the times, then your competitors will get ahead. It’s important to review your processes regularly and make meaningful improvements.

Call recording is the perfect tool in your arsenal to make these kinds of improvements. At GoldStar, we can record calls that can then be put to use in a variety of ways. It’s not just a quick way to resolve disputes, it also allows you to see where the majority of customer pain points lie. If a particular issue keeps coming up in calls, maybe you need to inform customers about it on your website?

With our service, calls are recorded and stored on a cloud database that you can access remotely. You can then filter these calls for a closer look at individual customers, or see a random sample for quality control purposes.




Call recording is a great way to learn about customer pain points, but what about issues in your communication process itself? This is where call analytics software can shine.

At GoldStar we provide analytics through our fantastic new iPECS Analytics platform. This service works by providing you with both real-time insights and scheduled reports. The real-time view shows any customers waiting to speak to your team. If you see long queues piling up, then you can take action by assigning more staff to the phones.

The same applies to call reports, which shows you a greater range of data from a longer period of time. Here you can see KPIs that are relevant to you. A good example is call duration. iPECS Analytics shows you which type of calls take the longest, allowing you to see where the inefficiencies in your customer experience are.


Marketing on-hold


Your business might provide some fantastic additional experiences for your customers, but how do you let them know about it? Getting the word out about your additional services can be a challenge, especially if your customer base isn’t social media savvy. On-hold marketing may have the solution for you.

On-hold marketing provides customers with engaging content to listen to while they wait to reach your team. It can be helpful FAQs, information about upcoming events, additional services or even a special offer. It helps customers to feel like they aren’t wasting their time, and potentially leads to greater return on many services.


Using any of these services can help your customer experience to shine, but a combination allows you to reach a gold star standard. For more information about how they can work for your business, get in touch with our team at 021 430 0737.