In a constantly evolving modern market place, it has never been more important to be prepared for the future. At GoldStar Telecom we pride ourselves on our industry leading customer service, supporting our clients as their businesses grow. We are here to help you future-proof your systems, utilising scalable cloud solutions that boost productivity and allow your team to work from anywhere.  

Why does your business need protection?

Some businesses make the mistake of undervaluing their telecoms systems, and then paying out large sums when maintenance is required. These call out bills can be financially crippling for a growing business, with long wait times for technicians to reach the site compromising the whole company’s operation. However, if you’re covered by a GoldStar maintenance contract, you can put these worries aside. With our comprehensive range of support packages, featuring 95% remote support and the best response times in the industry, a GoldStar maintenance contract is designed to save you both time and money.

Your telephone system is no longer solely for answering, making and transferring calls. In recent years it has evolved into a sophisticated network at the heart of your business’s productivity, as fundamental to your everyday operations as your IT network. Such a critical element of your business needs to be protected and maintained. Here at GoldStar Telecom, we offer maintenance contracts to give you peace of mind and a smoothly functioning telecoms system.

GoldStar Telecom is a market leader in the provision of maintenance and after sales service. With priority service levels, and no unexpected service costs, we offer all of our valued customers Premium SLA Contracts with which to service your equipment. GoldStar clients benefit from our expertise whilst enjoying all the bonuses of our protection plans. These include:

  • Instant support via Remote Access – saves you time
  • No unexpected callout fees or maintenance costs –  you are covered by your contract
  • 24/7 helpline to resolve issues fast
  • The best turnaround times in the industry, with minor issues responded to within 48 hours, and major issues covered by a 4 hour response time.

How does GoldStar Telecom provide industry leading client support services?

GoldStar Telecom use an integrated Customer Support Management System called NetHelpDesk for handling all customer support issues. This system provides customers with an automatic response and ticket number for all issues logged. In order to deal with your support requests as efficiently as possible, we ask that you forward them to our main support help desk email: This will automatically raise a support ticket with our help desk, sending a confirmation to you and details to our support staff for immediate assignment. All office hours support issues are covered, unlimited and for FREE, as part of the premium support contract. This includes all remote telephone support, maintenance issues and programming / software amendment.

Site service calls within office hours are also covered FREE and unlimited under contract SLA. This includes main controller / PSU replacement and hardware next day replacement on all controller modules, main power supply units, main IP-PBX controller, PoE switches & digital I/F modules where hardware fault occurs that is not lightning, storm, accidental or deliberate damage, or any other act of God; or by the use of ancillary equipment not approved by GoldStar Telecom including but not limited to door intercoms, headsets, conference units, DECT/Cordless phones, batteries and UPS equipment.

GoldStar Telecom has you fully protected with our Emergency Site Service. If your business suffers a system outage that is not a provider issue, we will be on site and fixing the issue within 4 hours – an industry leading response time.

Our Total Hardware Replacement service features next day replacement of all controller modules, main power supply units, main IP-PBX controller, PoE switches & digital I/F modules where hardware related fault occurs – allowing you to operate with complete peace of mind.

The finest customer service from a provider with unparalleled experience

 As a valued GoldStar Telecom client, we are delighted to offer you the first 12 months support for FREE! After this point, you can decide whether you would like the ongoing security of our maintenance contracts where we take care of all your needs. With more than 34 years of experience, GoldStar Telecom provide reliable and effective services across telecoms, security, IT and software; and customer service remains our top priority. Get in touch today to find out how GoldStar Telecom can give you peace of mind, whilst saving you both time and money! Call us on 021 4300737 or email to talk to a member of our expert team.